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Voluntary Product Field Correction

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Sam Daniels


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EN-R-G FOODS LLC Announces FIELD CORRECTION of Honey Stinger® Protein Chews


                  EN-R-G Foods, LLC, recently launched Honey Stinger® Protein Chews manufactured by Santa Cruz Nutritionals, LLC. 

                  We hope that you have not had any issues with the Protein Chews. However, in the last week, we have received several consumer reports of nausea and vomiting shortly after consuming the Protein Chews.  Fortunately, no more serious injuries or illnesses are known to have resulted.  The complaints are unusual in that they occur very soon after consuming the Protein Chews, and because we have been unable to find any pathogen or undeclared allergen in product testing to date.  While the manufacturer of the Protein Chews and EN-R-G Foods both continue to exhaustively test the product at accredited laboratories, the health and satisfaction of our consumers remains the most important thing we have.  In an abundance of caution, and while we continue to investigate these complaints, consult with regulators and await further laboratory analysis, we want to take every interim measure we can to preserve our customers’ health, trust and loyalty.  Accordingly, after consulting with the United States Food & Drug Administration, we are asking that you DO NOT EAT and DISCARD any Honey Stinger® Protein chews you may have while we continue our investigation. We will be glad to replace the product with other, unaffected Honey Stinger® products. If you purchased these products from a retailer please return the product to the store.

                  Only the Honey Stinger® products listed below are subject to this Field Correction action.  No other Honey Stinger® products are involved in this voluntary action, except three flavors (Cherry Lime, Raspberry, Juneberry) of Protein Chews, all introduced January 18, 2016.  Only Honey Stinger® Protein Chews with the specific lot numbers and best by dates identified below are included in this Field Correction.

This action pertains ONLY to the following specific products and lot numbers:

Honey Stinger Raspberry Protein Chews, UPC# 810815021493, Best Buy Dates: 2017, JUL 11 TT579 US-ORG-050, 2017, JUL 12 TT579 US-ORG-050, 2017, SEP 16 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, SEP 17 TT579 US-ORG-50


Honey Stinger Juneberry Protein Chews, UPC# 810815021462, Best Buy Dates: 2017, SEP 18 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, SEP 20 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, SEP 19 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, OCT 06 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, OCT 07 TT579 US-ORG-50

Honey Stinger Cherry Lime Protein Chews, UPC# 810815021523, Best Buy Dates: 2017, SEP 17 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, SEP 18 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, OCT 04 TT579 US-ORG-50, 2017, OCT 05 TT579 US-ORG-50

Retailers and consumers with questions may call or email Sam Daniels at EN-R-G Foods LLC customer service at 970.439.3052, which is open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (MDT) Monday – Friday, or by email foodsafety@honeystinger.com anytime or visit www.honeystinger.com.

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