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Honey Stinger's energy and protein bars, waffles, gels and chews are all-natural foods designed for athletes and great for anyone looking for a healthy snack. Honey Stinger is pure natural energy.

  • RT @LBfindmystrong: So happy my dad bought a bunch of new @HoneyStinger waffles! Mmm mmmm good! #cycling #fuel http://t.co/3BjDLYjQuT - 2 days ago

  • Big congrats to our Marathon men's winner, who is probably also out King Sting winner, Jon Brown from Gunninson!! - 3 days ago

  • RT @HFRiveros: Really happy to take the win at the @HoneyStinger race using my Spark 29er. Thank you to @RotorUsa @go_Tenac @bikeonscott - 3 days ago

  • @HowHardGrotts @HFRiveros next year! Come up for free! @finsty and @kerryw24 too! - 3 days ago

  • RT @Chris_Baddick: 3rd again at the @HoneyStinger steamboat Stinger! So happy/relieved to pull that off. It's the best race of the year! ht… - 3 days ago

  • RT @coloradoguides: Fernando with the win @SBSStinger @HoneyStinger minutes ago. Come see us @KckngHrseCoffee booth for a cup of joe. http:… - 4 days ago

  • Jay Henry comes in second!! - 4 days ago

  • And Fernando Riveros Paez does it!! http://t.co/0Bvv1W5uuU - 4 days ago

  • Sounds like Fernando Riveros Paez has dropped the competition and should be coming into the finish very shortly - 4 days ago

  • @ksenialepikhina always a pleasure having you out! Thanks for coming and throwing down a great lap! - 4 days ago