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Energy Gel 16 Count Variety Pack

You need quick energy to fuel your workouts. More flavor choices add variety to familiar loops or long days exploring. The Variety Pack includes 4 Fruit Smoothie, 4 Acai Pomegranate, 4 Vanilla, and 4 Mango Orange Gels. Prepare and perform your best with energy gels that give you sustained energy in a convenient, easy-to-digest format. All gels are certified gluten-free and made with organic honey and tapioca syrup, added electrolytes, and natural flavors.

More versatile than other energy gels.

Honey Stinger Energy Gels may be consumed straight from the packet before or during activity, spread on toast, stirred into tea, or anything else you can think of. All flavors mix well with water to make a natural energy drink.

Honey Stinger Gels are optimized for efficient fueling before and during athletic efforts. Gels provide instant, honey-powered energy that lasts, which delays muscle fatigue and gives your body the power to achieve your goals.
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