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Kim Hildreth
and Sarah Schermerhorn

Professional Beach Volleyball Players

Kim and Sarah are professional beach volleyball athletes competing on the world’s premier beach tour - the AVP Pro Beach Tour. Currently, their team is ranked top ten in the country. This past season, Kim and Sarah’s career-best finish on the AVP was a finals appearance in AVP Austin. Previously, Kim competed on the NVL tour where she was a six-time finalist and two-time champion. Sarah previously competed on the NVL tour to a career semi-final finish, as well as competing in the indoor professional league in Europe, in France and Denmark. Some of their accolades include: Kim named 2016 Best Defensive Player, Best Setter and Fan Favorite on the NVL tour. Sarah is currently nominated for AVP 2019 Rookie of the Year and is ranked 4th in the country for her Blocker position. Whether it's for competition weekends or training, Honey Stinger waffles are this team's favorite, energy-filled treat!

Kim and Sarah both currently reside in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Kim grew up just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and found her love of beach volleyball while playing on the beaches of Lake Michigan in college. Outside of competition, Kim coaches youth indoor and beach volleyball. When not traveling for competitions or coaching, Kim loves paddle boarding, biking, yoga, and exploring the beautiful beaches of the gulf coast of Florida. Sarah grew up in Colfax, North Carolina, where she also found her love of beach volleyball competing in the summer on the local tours. Sarah spends most of her free time exploring the Gulf on her beautiful 42' sailboat.

Most buzzworthy accomplishment:

Becoming the first team in AVP history to come out of qualifying, through the winner's bracket to an AVP Final.

Favorite Honey Stinger product:

Waffles!! Easy on the stomach in competition, delicious, and great energy.

Favorite quote and/or words of wisdom:

“Nobody who ever gave her best ever regretted it.” No matter what happens in the game, if we went for every ball like it was the last time we could ever play, we always walk off the court with zero regrets!