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Nutrition + performance

Nature’s Energy Source

Fuel for
every activity.

Honey Stinger uses honey, a natural sweetener and source of energy, as a carbohydrate source for all of our products. Honey’s low glycemic properties are scientifically proven to increase athletic performance by providing a sustained energy boost that helps you achieve your goals.

We make fuel for every step of every athletic journey. Prepare better with a source of immediate, lasting energy that primes your system before a workout. Perform your best by staying fueled with energy that’s easy to digest and helps sustain your efforts for longer. Recover right with options that contain protein and carbs to repair your muscles after exercise.

Only natural ingredients.

We think the less you mess with Mother Nature, the better. That’s why Honey Stinger uses organic ingredients whenever possible. We try to formulate, source and process our products using Non-GMO ingredients. We’re also committed to establishing trust with our consumers on the origins and authenticity of our honey products through the True Source Honey Pledge.

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