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What Honey Stinger Product are USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, or Kosher?

Are Honey Stinger products free of genetically modified ingredients?

Yes, Honey Stinger takes great pride in the selection of ingredients and only use the highest quality available which include non GMO ingredients.

Will Honey Stinger upset my stomach?

We use honey as the main sweetener in our products. Honey has the same glucose to fructose ratio of fruit, 1:1. If you can eat fruit without getting an upset stomach you should be able to eat Honey Stinger without any problems.

Can I eat Honey Stinger products as a snack?

The energy in Honey Stinger comes from honey so you shouldn’t feel large fluctuations in energy if you eat any of our products as a snack.

Do I have to be an athlete to use Honey Stinger?

Many Honey Stinger products can be used as a healthy snack alternative or meal replacements because we use honey as our main sweetener and energy source. The Energy Chews, Stinger Waffles, Energy Bars and Kids’ Waffles are great healthy snack alternatives. The 10G protein bars are a great meal replacement snack or after workout recovery bar.

Can children eat Honey Stinger products?

All Honey Stinger products are made from natural ingredients so they are great snacks for children.

The Kids’ Organic Waffles are the newest addition to Honey Stinger lineup and are sized perfectly to add into school lunches or after school snack.

Our Ginsting Gel, 10G Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bar, Cherry Cola and Limeade Energy Chews all have caffeine so many parents choose to avoid giving these products to children.

What is the shelf life of Honey Stinger?

Honey Stinger Waffles have a best buy date of 12 months from date of manufacture and gels, bars (energy and 10g) and chews have a best by date of 18 months from date of manufacture. All of our products have a Best By date printed on the individual product packaging.

Why is there so much sugar in Honey Stinger?

We use honey as the main sweetener in all our products. Honey is comprised of multiple simple sugars which show up on the nutrition facts of our products. Honey is comprised of glucose, fructose, maltose, trisaccharides, and sucrose. Your body can only utilize simple sugars for energy production and to keep you going. All complex carbohydrates need to be broken down into simple sugars to be used by your body.

Does Honey Stinger have any vegan options?

While some vegans eat honey our products are not vegan because they contain honey which is produced by friendly bees.

Where does the energy come from?

The energy comes from the Carbs and the Honey. Honey is a natural sugar and lower on the “glycemic index.” The glycemic index of foods refers to how quickly and how high 'blood sugar' (glucose) increases in comparison to pure glucose. Honey is a mix of simple sugars, glucose & fructose (there are others but in smaller proportions). Sucrose is comprised of glucose and fructose joined together; which our bodies need to break apart before they can be used, which takes time. In honey the glucose & fructose molecules are not joined so they can be used straight away. Protein in the Energy Bars & 10G Bars is also a source of energy.

Why do Honey Stinger products contain sodium, potassium and magnesium?

Sodium, potassium and magnesium are vital electrolytes that keep your muscles functioning while minimizing cramping associated with intense exercise.

What is the difference between the Organic Energy Gels and the Classic Energy Gels?

The Classic Energy Gels consist of 80% honey therefore giving them a strong taste of honey. Besides the organic certification the Organic Gels are a combination of organic honey and organic tapioca syrup which give them less viscosity then the Classic Gels as well as a less prominent honey flavor.

Why don't the Limeade Energy Chews and Cherry Cola Energy Chews bear the USDA certified organic logo?

The Limeade and Cherry Cola Energy Chews are our 2 caffeinated options from the energy chews. Both Energy Chews are 95% organic but because of the white tea extract (caffeine source), this drops them below the percentage of required ingredients for organic certification.

What is the caffeine source in the 10G Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bar?

The 30mg of caffeine come from coffee and dark chocolate.

Do you sponsor athletes or teams?

Honey Stinger is happy to say we have sponsored many teams and athletes over the years. Honey Stinger likes to support athletes and teams that hold the same core values as us and have a sense of adventure! Please visit our athlete and team sponsorship page.

Do you sponsor events?

Honey Stinger has sponsored many events in the past and will continue to in the future. We like to sponsor events that promote activity, healthy lifestyle and that are community minded. Please visit our event sponsorship page.

Where can I find Honey Stinger?

Honey Stinger can be purchase direct on our website or we have thousands of locations worldwide. Please visit our store locator to find the nearest Honey Stinger Dealer.

How is your Honey Organic?

Honey Stinger Organic Wildflower Honey is a product of Brazil and is True Source Certified. True Source Certification is a 3rd party verification/certification that our honey is truly organic and is in full compliance with U.S. and international trade laws. Click Here to read more about True Source Certification.

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