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Katie Nageotte

Pole Vaulting

Katie is a professional pole vaulter from Cleveland, Ohio, who is currently training at Washington State. She started vaulting in 2004 at 12 years old and has been jumping professionally since 2013. Katie is the reigning indoor US Champion and has jumped the 5th highest height all-time (16’1). Aside from pole vaulting, she is into fashion. Katie studied at the Paris Fashion Institute in 2013 during Paris Fashion Week.

Most buzzworthy accomplishment:

2019 Indoor US Champion, 2019 Worlds Champs Finalist, 2019 PanAm Silver Medalist, and 2018 NACAC Champion

Favorite Honey Stinger Product:

The waffles! I love eating them during a meet. From the time we start warming up, to the time the last jumper is finished, the meet can take about 3 hours. The waffle is the perfect light snack to keep me energized through that time!

Favorite quote and/or words of wisdom:

Set your goals to experience your dreams, and your life will be truly extraordinary.

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