Kara grew up as a cross country ski racer, going on to compete at the University of Denver and University of Nevada. With her love of endurance sport (or insanity...?!) firmly cemented, but ready to try something new after completing her collegiate ski career, she accidentally discovered triathlon while vacationing in Spain (true story!) and dove right in, completing Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman distance races within her first full year of racing. (Again, insanity...) But it wasn’t until she found off-road racing that the “real magic” happened, and after she raced her first Xterra triathlon she knew she’d found her calling on the trails.

Today she is six years into her career as a professional triathlete, competing primarily on the Xterra Pan-American Pro circuit -- with a few road races sprinkled in along the way. She also competes in elite cross-country mountain biking, gravel biking, and the occasional running race where she doesn’t actually have to swim and bike beforehand (two thumbs up for fresh legs – what a feeling!). She still attempts to moonlight as a cross country ski racer in the winter, and can pretty much be convinced to do any race at any time (especially on a whim!), as long as it promises some good ol’ type 2 fun. If there’s an adventure up for grabs and everyone else thinks it sounds nuts, sign her on up!

Most buzzworthy accomplishment:

Finished 2nd overall female in the Xterra Pan-American Pro Tour two years in a row (2017 & 2018)

Favorite Honey Stinger product:

Cherry Blossom Organic Energy Chews,Gingersnap Organic Waffles and Cashew Butter & Milk Chocolate Organic Cracker Bars YUM!

Favorite quote and/or words of wisdom:

“Fortune favors the bold.”