Hans Florine


In 1991 Hans won the first World Speed Climbing Championships in Frankfurt, Germany. He also holds three gold medal from the X Game’s first three years of Speed Climbing and has been a U.S. National Champion eleven times.

Hans started climbing while in college in San Luis Obispo 32 years ago and has worked or played as a full-time professional climber from 1989 to 2001. He wrote a book on speed climbing and produced audio programs on how to speed everything up. In addition, he recently co-authored On the Nose, highlighting his 167 ascents of El Capitan with 106 being The Nose route. Hans has broken and held the speed record on The Nose 8 times over the past 26 years and currently holds the record today.

Hans is a professional motivational speaker delivering keynotes at trade shows, conferences, and college auditoriums worldwide, from local rotary club meetings to Fortune 500 events. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two children.

Most buzzworthy accomplishment:

Holds Speed Record on The Nose of El Capitan.

Favorite Honey Stinger product:

Grapefruit Energy Chews

Favorite quote and/or words of wisdom:

Do Hard Things.