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Trail and Ultra running

Courtney, originally from Minnesota, now lives and trains in Golden, Colorado. Ever since completing her first 50k in 2011, Courtney has continued to wonder "what else is possible?" This has led to her running everything from 24 hour races held on 400 meter tracks to 240 miles trails races around the deserts and mountains of Moab, Utah. Courtney was the 2018 Western States 100 winner and completed 279 miles in the 2018 Big Backyard Ultra. In addition to loving the way ultra marathons provide both an individual challenge and an incredibly supportive community, she also loves sunshine, candy and wearing shorts with long inseams.

Most buzzworthy accomplishment:

2018 and 2019 Ultra Runner of the Year

Favorite Honey Stinger product:

The Grapefruit Energy Chews and the Gingersnap Waffles are the current favorites.

Favorite quote and/or words of wisdom:

Soak it in.

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