One box. 10 Honey Stinger favorites. Six different categories. Your next favorite. We know that sometimes with so many great options it is hard to decide. Which is why we've hand-picked a box filled with our Honey Stinger favorites, so you can find yours. Our ultimate variety box includes 1 Fruit Smoothie Chew, 1 Pink Lemonade Chew, 1 Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Cracker N' Nut Butter Snack Bar, 1 Almond Butter & Dark Chocolate Cracker N' Nut Butter Snack Bar, 1 Rocket Chocolate Energy Bar, 1 Coconut Almond Protein Bar, 1 Vanilla Flavored Organic Waffle, 1 Lemon Flavored Organic Waffle, 1 Gluten Free Wildflower Honey Organic Waffle, and 1 Gluten Free Vanilla & Chocolate Organic Waffle.
Fuel for Every Day


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Nature’s Energy Source

Utilizing an ingredient engineered by nature as opposed to in a laboratory has its benefits, like higher quality and no additional flavoring or coloring. We use honey, a natural form of energy and antioxidants, as the main carbohydrate source for all products. Research in endurance athletes has proven that a mixture of carbohydrates is better tolerated by the body, prevents fatigue and enhances performance more than a single carbohydrate form.

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